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Stereo Analyst For Arcgis 10.2 License 38 gilbrai




View More Related Items. (0) (0) Business About this License. This license was designed for use by academic users. For commercial use of ArcGIS® Enterprise software, please license the software from Esri or make use of your local, municipal, or state government licensing agent. To access the ArcGIS Enterprise user guide: Create a New. Enter your License. Enter the name of the enterprise license from which you wish to view and select the license from the drop-down list. Select View License for. From the drop-down list, select the type of license. For example, if you are using a campus license, select Campus. You are now viewing the license details for your enterprise license. You may select Download License to download the license and replace this license with a new one. Select Close when finished. Note that the license does not contain all of the enterprise license characteristics. A single application edition (SAE) is the same as a single license for ArcGIS; the license number is the same as the license number for ArcGIS for Desktop. You may also create multiple SAEs for the same license if you are licensing to multiple geographic locations or groups. For more information about enterprise licenses, see the License page. Note: The license file does not include the entire content of the license. Only the LicenseType portion is displayed. For more information about ArcGIS licensing, see the License page. Licenses may be purchased individually or as part of a bundle. To view your license information, you must have the license you wish to view. To view the license of another user, you must have access to the account of the user from which you wish to view the license information. To change your license information, you must be the user of record for the license, not just the owner of the license. To change the license information of another user, the user must have access to the account of the user from which you wish to view the license information. Some use cases require a campus license: You may create an enterprise license for your campus and assign it to multiple users. You may create enterprise licenses for groups of users. Such groups of users are called licenses-of-groups. An enterprise license-of-groups allows multiple users to have a license from a single enterprise license. You may not assign an enterprise license-of-groups to a single user. You may assign multiple enterprise licenses-of-groups to a single user.



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Stereo Analyst For Arcgis 10.2 License 38 gilbrai
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